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Welcome to Auset360 Legal Clinic

At Auset360, we believe in a Canada that is inclusive, diverse, and welcomes every individual with open arms. But transitioning to a new country or navigating the complexities of laws and regulations can be daunting. This is where we step in.

Empowering Canadians, One Legal Query at a Time

We are proud to offer our legal clinic services to both established Canadians and newcomers to this great nation. Our mission is to level the playing field, ensuring everyone has equal access to quality legal counsel.

Integrity and Ethics: Our Pillars

Every member of the Auset360 legal team abides by a strict code, ensuring the highest levels of integrity and ethical practice. We prioritize our community’s needs, making sure every individual is treated with respect and compassion.

Let’s Navigate Together

Whether you are a new Canadian looking for guidance on the immigration process or an established citizen facing a legal dilemma, we are here to guide you every step of the way. With Auset360, you are never alone in your legal journey.

Meet the Auset360 Legal Team

Our team is a perfect blend of passionate volunteer lawyers and dedicated paid professionals who generously donate their time, expertise, and talent. These seasoned attorneys bring years of experience from diverse fields, committed to ensuring that every community member receives the assistance they deserve.

Services We Offer

  • Business Law: From startups to established corporations, we provide insights into the legalities of doing business in Canada.

  • Employment Law: Understand your rights and responsibilities as both an employer and employee in Canada.

  • Human Rights: Advocating for equality and ensuring no one is denied their rights.

  • Immigration Law: Guidance on the path to Canadian citizenship, visa applications, and more.

  • Civil Practice: Helping you navigate the complexities of civil law, be it disputes, contracts, or other matters.

… and much more!

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Auset360: Building Bridges, Empowering Futures

Auset360 is your compass to success in the land of opportunities. A portal committed to helping New Canadians and Life Long Canadians transition smoothly into the Canadian workforce. Our website serves as the digital gateway to a suite of services and resources designed to empower and equip you in securing meaningful jobs in your chosen field.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.


Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.